Product Description:

Ferrosilicon is an iron-silicon alloy made from coke, steel filings and quartz (or silica) as raw materials smelted in an electric furnace.
It is silver grey and widely used in the steel making,iron casting ,low-carbon ferroalloy producing.


1.Ferro silicon is often used as deoxidizer in steel making. Adding a certain amount ferrosilicon to the steel can obviously improve the strength, hardness, elasticity and permeability of steel.
2.Ferro silicon is used as ball mile agent and alloying agent in the iron casting, Adding ferrosilicon to cast iron, which can prevent the formation of carbide and promote the precipitation and the nodulizing of graphite .
3.Ferro silicon is commonly used as a reductant in ferroalloy production and chemical industry.
4.In iron industry, ferro silicon is often used as inoculant and nodulizer and deoxidizer.

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