Product Description:

1: Ferro Manganese is an alloy of iron and manganese with manganese between 65%-90% , as deoxidizer and alloying element additive .

2:Divided into furnace ferro manganese and blast furnace ferromanganese .

3:Main categories: high carbon ferromanganese (carbon 7%),medium carbon ferromanganese (carbon 1.0-1.5%), low carbon ferromanganese (0.5% carbon ). metal manganese , spiegel, silicon-manganese alloy .


1.Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steel making .
2.Used as alloy agent widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel , such as structural steel , tool steel ,stainless and heat resistant steel and abrasion -resistant steel .
3.It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur . So when we make steel and cast iron ,we always need certain account of manganese .

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